<< one ♥-shaped button short of a christened gaze, microchips in psalms / pink computer watches her owner (i.e. girlchild) use a crinoline as a birdcage / sends email sans afterthought, subject line: may I suggest Viagra.jpeg for your condition? / (the AOL dial-up signal is an Amber Alert) / girlchild, web-diary entry 5/13/03, is curious as to why her Speak & Spell didn’t sound like the wet nurse / accidentally tells the waitress my condolences to the chef in appreciation for her chicken tenders and twice-thick chocolate shake / covers pink computer with Lisa Frank stickers only to realize they weren’t glow-in-the-dark, like the package said / a sledgehammer to the circuit boards (chemicals, heavy metals, *precious metals*), she welcomed a new gender / from the trash heap, pink computer could still feel girlchild’s stomachaches, a suicide hotline for cravings an embryonic telephone call >>


Arielle Tipa is a writer and editor who lives near a haunted lake in New York. Her work has appeared in threadgobbetAlien Mouth,  (b)OINK and is forthcoming in bad pony, among others. She currently runs Occulum, a journal of the weird and speculative.

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