Two horses


Two horses

in a field



In the wind


And staring

Straight ahead

At nothing




Almost Ghost


I want to be a ghost

slipping along unseen

in a hoody

down dark green alleys


I want to be a ghost

ghostwriting ghostwords

on white sheets

of paper


I want to be an almost ghost

I don’t want to die

I just don’t want to say hi


I’d just like to float around the city for awhile

and maybe check back in later



Your hair


Most of the time I’m annoyed

When I find a long strand of your hair

Wrapped in one of my undershirts

Or in between pages

like an almost invisible bookmark

And then sometimes

It makes me so happy

I almost cry.


Hard boiled egg


An egg

An egg in a pot of water

Still water and a still egg in the still water

An orange burner

A hand holding

A knife

An egg in still water

A finger touching the water

Ripples then still

Water and

Still egg

Orange burner

A shadow holding a knife

The shadow moves over the egg

The orange burner turns

An even brighter orange

The egg is still in the water

The egg rolls a little

The shadow stays with it

The water is still


OK that’s it.



Dreams are like a kind of jail


I lost my lupine to a nightmare multiplied by sevens

Where cops throw their hats on my bed

Until they pile up to the ceiling


In the morning I play the video

But forget to mute the sound

So you hear all the things

I never wanted you

To hear


And every night I walk

In the garden but I can’t

See myself and my smile

Is the shape

Of something missing


It’s tough for me to go away once the gardens are in bloom


I spoke a word into the dirt

And forgot about it

Then one night it came back to me blooming

And loud as  a bed of moonflowers


That word was: corpse


Mike Andrelczyk lives with his wife in Strasburg, Pa. His book of 30 haiku “The Celesta Made of Water” can be found at

His work has appeared in “ Fluland,” is/lets,” “The Bitchin’ Kitsch,” “decomp,” “The Inquisitive Eater,” “My Favorite Bullet,” “Modern Haiku” and elsewhere. His name appears on the title screen of “Major League 2.”

Follow him on Twitter at @MikeAndrelczyk and on Instagram at @Dickiethon.

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