Is the mold safe to eat


Shout out to the sea anemone

Burrowing into the fine-ass-sediment of the deep ocean blue

I’m jealous of you piddlin’ around like that


Finally, yet with some difficulty

I’m my own best friend


Tellin’ myself to not be complicit

I say to myself “girl, it’s okay to ask for special favors”

But i still gotta be a lil’ mean to myself


Kick my own door in

and say “whos the bitch”


You ever been to The Death Museum?

In L.A.

It’s lovely


They’ve got original photos of the Black Dahlia murder scenes

And some kind of taxidermied sex pig

And some original paintings by John Wayne Gacy



David Duke smells like gingivitis

Dogs make noises

Cats make noises

We all scream

At fractured pelvis’ sing-song sky

Poke the fat ash pile with a stick

And i rise

Tarnished silver

Holding breath

In kitchen

Freshly painted

Red, black, yellow

The streets a plague

Keg gone, done tapped

 Rebekah Morgan is a writer an teacher living in Iași, Romania. She is the author of Blood Burger Parade.