i live in a constant state of fragility

one wrong move could break me in half


yet i live and breath destruction

inhale/no exhale/inhale/no exhale

i mingle with it

it throws rationality out the window

i let it wrap its arms around me like a lover

let it lick along my jaw

then we make a mess together

we make disastrous love

only i end up the one to pick up the pieces



why can’t i repair myself?

why can’t i grab a bunch of fools

from my metaphorical shed

maybe use a wrench to tighten my stability

maybe nail my heart in place

so it stops slipping out of my chest



maybe i wasn’t meant to lip lock with peace

maybe i’m meant to be made of glass

fragile/easily broken/not easily fixed



Vanessa Maki is queer person of color who writes mostly poetry and fan fiction. You can find her poetry blog on tumblr: wordslikewolvesteeth