Too many thoughts that don’t serve me, such crass

details and history.  Vino venom

from a perfected pout, yet lips (and ass)

my cock can’t do without.  A troublesome

tradition of demand, discuss, “Your brain

will be the death of us.”  Such darkness deep

behind bright eyes and shameless lists of names

who I despise.  Secret filled, you should keep

that mouth for putting me to sleep. On pills,

too cold, anesthetized.  You’re far too strong

to hypnotize.  And have they served you, will

and mind, or cursed you worse to not belong?

I won’t abandon something I adore.

I take a trip to Stepford with a whore.




I taste, in you, my teens, a stick

I pull from jeans.  Unwrap a scarlet dome

so dry, a shell I salivate to lick

and lubricate.  Your ridges tongued become

a cherry smooth until undone.  A bulge

between teeth and cheek graduates too soon

to sucks.  Can’t wait for what’s within, indulge

an ever childish mind, surprise balloon

of pink behind a candied veneer. Roof

I rub to raw with rhythmic thrusts to get

to what’s inside.  My bubble lust reproof

deflates you to a tasteless wax secret.

You’re sucked not savored since I was a child.

I still race through tastes that make me smile.




We meet in uniform: mine pleated, block

initials, fake as what you call me.

You buy my naked pom poms and a talk.

Your suit befits the man you used to be:

an agent, federal, then lawyer. Heart

as dark as wool I lean against to hear

ex-wife exasperations that you start

like all the other businessmen I cheer,

but yours will end in headlines.  Burned your bar,

insurance fraud to life you buy in carjacks

and ends, shots at cops out sunroofs, jaguar

McDonalds crash, head to bullet impact.

All this two months since our last Friday night: topless champagne, quotes of Wuthering Heights.

Kristin Garth is a poet from Pensacola.  Her sonnets and other poetry have been featured in Occulum, Anti-Heroin Chic, Quail Bell Magazine, Digging Through the Fat, Infernal Ink, Mookychick and many other publications. She is currently constructing a poetry dollhouse chapbook entitled Pink Plastic House: Three Stories of Sonnets.  Follow her on Twitter: @lolaandjolie.

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